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A Dentist. Conservationist. Wildlife photographer. It all started when I was very young playing with point-and-shoot cameras at home. We were travelling a lot, and I captured moments on camera and the love for photography became a passion - especially wildlife photography. My drive is conservation, to use photography as a tool. Hope you enjoy the images!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

On the wrong side of the sun

Shooting into the sun can be a challenge sometimes.  

The biggest question is: do you want a solid silhouette or do you want to keep some detail in the shadows when shooting a soft silhouette.

When exposing in the bright areas in the sky, the shadows in the photo will be pitch black.  In the case of the picture below, I exposed on the body of the giraffe and took a few shots.  Luckily the sky was still not too overexposed and manageable light in the shadows made it possible to see some good detail in the darker shadows.

In Lightroom I cropped a bit, pushed up the shadows a tad and increased contrast.  Hereafter I sharpened a bit and had a pleasant result: soft on the eyes and I loved the mood!

Techs: 1/8000sec,f/6.3, 70mm,ISO1250

Well, feel free to comment, would love to learn from fellow photogs!

Have a good weekend!


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

In her prime

Hi guys! 

Sorry for the silence, just returned from a great trip to Mashatu game reserve in the Tuli, Botswana.

Today I want to share with you a quick picture about a lioness we followed during the trip, a big and strong cat.  She chased hyenas, killed eland and protected her cubs as they tagged along on her hunts.  

This particular shot occurred on our last day at sunset and I wanted to share the photo as it gives one an idea of the beautiful African landscape of the Tuli, together with a prime huntress in the foreground.

Techs:  1/2000sec, f/2.8, 200mm, ISO800

Would love to hear your comments!

Have a good week!


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Annual discount!

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This offer will be valid until end November 2014 for ONLY 50 people!

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Thank you again for the comments and support, it is appreciated!

Have a great week!


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

World rhino day

Since world rhino day was 22 September, I thought I would give an update on a large breakthrough on South African soil where kingpin Hugo Ras and nine co-accused were charged for rhino poaching/rhino horn related crimes.  Click here for more info.

One cannot emphasise the importance in protecting these beasts.  

700 rhino's have already been illegally butchered this year, which brings the total rhino's killed since 2010 to 3222! 

We need to stand together, being visible and steadfast.  Awareness is a start, and can be very effective.  

Have a great day, until next time!


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Special moments

Wildlife photography can sometime surprise us with not-your-every-day moments.  

In the picture below, I photographed a red billed ox pecker as it was getting cosy on a warthog's head...all this while the warthog was on the move.  Strange, yet special to get close and get the "different" images we all want.  All we need is patience, time and some luck (:

Have a great day!


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Intense and Simple

The African Wild dog.  What a beautiful animal to photograph.

Today's short post is about simplicity in photography.  Photography takes you on a journey from beginner to more advanced...yet sometime we just need to get back to basics and remember that a simple picture can be powerful.  

When I took the photo of the wild dog as shown below, it reminded me about this:  one subject, homogenous background, powerful message with strong connection.  This was a picture taken at Zimanga game reserve in South Africa.

Techs:  1/500sec, f/4.0. 
ISO 4000, Focal length 500mm

Have great weekend!



Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Birds on Take-off!

How spectacular can birds be!  How colourful and photogenic!  

As a wildlife photographer, I only recently started to focus more on bird photography and a whole new world opened up.  The colour and variety blew me away.  

I want to focus on four photographs taken at Zimanga game reserve in South Africa where the birds were snapped just before take-off, and gave four totally different, yet striking compositions.  Obviously the reflections added a lot extra because of the great design of these hides as described in a previous blog post.

Hope you enjoy them! 

(*Click on images for a better view*)

Techs: 1/8000sec @ f/5.0
ISO4000, Focal length 500mm

Techs: 1/8000sec @ f/4.0
ISO4000, Focal length 500mm

Techs: 1/8000sec @ f/4.0
ISO6400, Focal length 500mm

Techs: 1/8000sec @ f/4.0
ISO3200, Focal length 500mm

Until next time folks!